Material Matters

Material Matters

Productivity Solutions and Risk Management Systems

for Facility-Based Providers in Service Industries


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A Productivity Model for Service Industries

Material Matters provides productivity consultation, coaching, and ongoing reporting to organizations, realizing the financial realities that company face in the service sectors.

Material Matters offers specialists in providing lean solutions for residential senior communities, assisted living, nursing homes, healthcare, hospitality, education, and public service industries.

Our aim is to provide you, as operators, the tools and information you need to make decisions to use resources wisely.

Managing Through Knowledge

Service organizations are all about people. Most organizations including not-for-profit channel their efforts into managing employees as an expense item, alone. Material Matters takes a different approach, and suggests that your employees (your greatest resource) can manage all other expenses - if you give them the right tools. We believe that your employees, with the right information, can control expenses, manage risk and keep the right inventory on-hand to deal with your clients needs.

Material Matters core competency is a unique combination of established tools and proven strategies from many industries to formulate a specific solution for the service sector. We take best practices in vendor and contract management, logistics, loss control and risk mitigation to present solutions, metrics and management systems for your business. Clients choose from two primary programs:

  • Material Matters Assessment Program includes a professional review and analysis of your operation to gain an overall view of your needs, challenges and opportunities. Stand-alone nursing homes are different from a multi-site Continuing Care Retirement Community, which are different again from a Community College. Our solutions will draw on industry best practices and metrics, but will be built to suit each client.
  • Material Matters Continuous Improvement Program extends beyond initial analysis and consultations. Our greatest strength is that we provide ongoing support and information to your teams. Material Matters reports provide your operation the knowledge and education you need to continually improve. We use web-based reporting tools, online education and periodic reviews. We help you manage your resources and your risks, allowing for you to help others.

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